July 2006
Saint Mary Magdalen

Feast July 22nd
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Mary takes her name from the town of Magdala, on the
Western shore of the sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias).
She plays a prominent role in the New Testament, as
one of the women following Jesus.

She stood at the foot of the cross, saw Christ laid in the
tomb and was the first witness of the Resurrection of
Christ. Because the name Mary was quite common
among the female followers of Jesus, there is some
debate over the b
ackground of Mary Magdalen.
Nevertheless, Mary was a holy woman
and devoted
follower of Christ, who repented from her sins.
According to the Gospel of Luke, Christ cast seven
demons out of her.

Tradition has it that after the Passion and Resurrection
of Christ, Mary Magdalen went to Ephesus. A very old
French tradition has it that after staying in Ephesus for
a time, she travelled with Saint Lazarus of Bethany to
southern France. Both Constantinople and the city of
Aix in Provence claim to have relics of this saint.