August 2006
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Saint Helena

Feast A
ugust 18th
Saint Helena was born in Roman Britain in the 3rd
century. She was the mother of the Roman Emperor
Constantine the Great. Being an adult convert to
Christianity, she espoused a very strong faith. She ruled
as Augusta or Empress of the Roman Empire for most
of the latter years of her life.

She is most famous for her pilgrimage to the Holy land
in the early 320s, where she is said to have discovered
the remains of the true cross. She also built several
churches in the Holy Land, including the Holy
Sepulchre, the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem and
a church on the Mount of the Ascension near Jerusalem.

After returning to Rome she also commission the
Church of Santa Croce to house relics she had brought
to Rome, including pieces of the true cross.

The pious empress died in Rome in the year 328.