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by: Mark Merlino
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Tic-Tac-Toe Table
Family Vocabulary Lesson
Present Simple/Continuous Worksheet
Comparatives: Worksheets 1 Worksheet 2
Yes/No Questions

Beginner Lesson
Inventions 1            Inventions 2

Name Lesson          Name Lesson 2
Have you eaten dog 1    Part 2
Do You Drive         Do You Drive 2
Geography              Geography 2
Not my Type          Not My Type 2
Survivors                Fear

Character Sketch - Novel Study
Chapter Synthesis - Novel Study

Fall of Rome - Unit Plan
Renaissance - Unit Plan
Renaissance Resources:
Classical 1     Classical 2     Medieval
Ren1        Ren2         Ren3       Ren4      Ren5

Tennis Workshop
Jumping Jacks

Probability and Statistics
Probability Activity

Chemistry - Year Plan

Church History Resources

Chi-Rho Assignment
Council of Nicaea Assignment
Rule of St. Benedict Assignment - Part 2
Mary in the Early Church Assignment
Heresies and Monasticism Review
Heresies and Monasticism Test
Justinian Activity
Iconoclasm Assignment
Charlemagne Activity
Pope Sergius II 845 AD Assignment
Christianity 1000 AD - Part 2
First Crusade Assignment - Part 2
Crusades Study Guide
Crusades Test
Inquisition Activity
San Damiano Cross Activity
Dante Assignment
Reformation Assignment
Council of Trent Assignment
Modern France Assignment
The Song of Bernadette Film
Early 20th Century Assignment
Church History Review

Christian Morality Resources

Dependence on God
Conscience Formation - Part 2 - Part 3
Getting to Know Jesus Lesson
Sermon on the Mount
Prayer Lesson - Part 2
Apostles Creed Assignment
Lord's Prayer Assignment
Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Activity
Sabbath Day Activity
Mass Question Sheet
Honour Assignment
Abortion Lesson
Natural Family Planning Lesson
Peer Pressure Group  Activity
Self Image Activity - Part 2
Morality Review
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ESL Discussion Lessons:

English Resources:

Social Studies

Physical Education:



Christian Education


Catholic Studies

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