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The Walls of Constantinople AD
Stephen Turnbull & Peter Dennis. Osprey, 2004.
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This book beautifully combines maps and photos with illustrations of Byzantine Constantinople.
Also, in this relatively short book, Turnbull gives a fairly comprehensive sketch of Byzantine
Constantinople, in relation to the city's fortifications.

The book begins by giving the reasons for the construction of the walls of Theodosius II, then goes
on to describe their design. Turnbull makes a very thorough survey of the different sections of the
walls before talking about how the walls were part of the life of Constantinopolitans. The book then
briefly tells the story of the various sieges of the city and finishes by describing the walls in
contemporary times.

Turnbull and the illustrator Peter Dennis have created an excellent book. I highly recommend this
book to anyone interested in Byzantine history, ancient fortifications or anyone wanting to travel to
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