Tour of Duty
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Tour of Duty was a very well made television series about the Vietnam War.
This series tells the story of a group of American soldiers as they pass through
their tour of duty in Vietnam. Each episode tends to focus on one big theme
associated with this conflict, such as drug abuse, snipers, abuse, massacres,
race relations, anti-war protesting, injuries, holiday time, reporters, P.O.W.s,
etc... But behind each theme there are lasting themes of teamwork,
comradeship and friendship for this group of soldiers as they face these very
difficult problems.
One thing that I really like about this series is the music, taken from the
period, a degree of realism that you wouldn't normally find in a tv series. The
theme song, 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones is very appropriate and helps
to set the mood. I think if you are interested in watching a series of fictional
programs about the Vietnam War, shown from the point of view of American
soldiers, than this series is for you.