Star Trek the Next Generation
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Star Trek the Next Generation was and remains one of my favourite television
programs.  This series did so much, it combined dramatic, adventurous and
imaginative plots.  In this Star Trek series, the crew of the enterprise for the
most part are on voyages of exploration and discovery.  I always felt that the
view of such a program can't help to develop a deeper sense of imagination and
problem solving skills.
 The variety backgrounds of the crew help to develop the richness of the plots
- there is a wise captain, a strong first officer, a warrior security chief, a blind
engineer, a telepathic counselor and an android officer.  This program also
show the value of team work, social order, investigation and technology.  One
of the most brilliant aspects of
Start Trek the Next Generation is that there was
a willingness on the part of the writers to guess at positive technological
changes that could be developed by humans in the future.