Life of Saint Mary of Egypt and
Saint Zosima
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This film, produced by the Coptic Church from Egypt, documents the life of a
remarkable saint and holy woman, Saint Mary of Egypt. Saint Mary, who was
born in fourth century Egypt and raised in the ancient metropolis of Alexandria,
suffered much and was corrupted during the naivety of her youth. These
choices eventually led to lead a life of prostitution. She finally realized what
had become of her life and became determined to change after a miraculous
experience at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

This film, which is well worth watching as history, hagiography of simply as an
intriguing biography. The story is actually told from the perspective of Saint
Zosima, a holy Egyptian priest who desired to understand what is perfection.
He encountered Saint Mary in the desert beyond the river Jordan. It was there
that the penitent Mary told her life story to him.

This film is entirely in Arabic, though English subtitles are available.