Life of Saint Ephraem the Syrian.
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This very beautiful video produced by the Coptic Church in Arabic, though with English
subtitles, tells the life story of one of the most important fathers of the Church, Saint Ephraem.
Throughout his life, Saint Ephraem, although being exceptionally skilled at teaching, longed to
leave the world and lead a simple life of contemplation in the wilderness.

This film tells the story of how Ephraem balanced his love of contemplative prayer and the
frequent call by local Christians for his service in helping them learn and defend their faith in
the face of scandal and heresy. Ephrem lived in the fourth century in the northern Syrian town
of Nisibis and in the nearby wilderness.

If you are interested in learning about late Roman history through the eyes of a saint, or
understanding the mind of one of the greatest saints of the early Church, this film would be for
you. As well, Ephraem's life is a remarkable testimony of humility. If you wonder what
humility means or looks like, look at the life of this man.