Pilot Guides
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Pilot Guides once called Lonely Planet is an excellent travel program led by a
series of different hosts, including Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, Megan
McCormick, Estelle Bingham and many others. Each episode is an informative
and fun trip to a different destination. The shows are not merely travel logs or
television versions of guide books but are more akin to adventure travel. For
this reason, the travelers don't simply stick to the main tourist destinations.
Pilot Guides has been on the air for many years, they have numerous
programs produced for virtually every imaginable part of the world. In recent
Pilot Guides has produced several shows that show highlights for one
region of theme, such as a show on Italy, France, Under water adventures or
great festivals.
 If you are interested in traveling, learning about the world or simply watching
an interesting adventure program, then
Pilot Guides is for you.