The Godfather. Part III
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The Godfather Part III is the sadly tragic end to the great Godfather trilogy. The
entire movie is set in late 1970s New York and Italy. Michael, now an old man, is
haunted by the past, grieving his losses and suffering from the guilt of his crimes.
Inspire of his cry for redemption, memories and associates from the past stalk him,
spoiling the efforts that he is making to legitimize his life and clear the reputation of his

The plot centers of the theme of Michael Corleone moving to gain control of a large
international landholding corporation, with the aid of Vatican officials. The movie
closely analyzes the mind and practices of both good and crooked men in powerful
positions in the business world and in the church. In Michael's own words, he says
that politics and crime are the same thing. The movie also directly addresses the
events of the brief pontificate of Pope John Paul I, who is described as being a victim
of his honesty and goodness. Intertwined with this basic plot is the story of the
Corleone family. Michael's children Mary and Anthony are now young adults.
Michael also grooms his nephew Vincent to be his successor and the future head of
the family.  

The final two scenes of this film illustrate the theme of this movie better than any
words could. They show the pain and loneliness that consume this man.  
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