Encounters - Travel and Money in the
Byzantine World
Eurydice Georganteli. D.Giles Ltd., 2006.
"Encounters Travel and Money in the Byzantine World" is a beautiful and detailed production
packing so much art and information into merely 72 pages. This book thematically shows how
Byzantine coinage evolved over time and influenced the coinage and art of Byzantium's neighbours.

In addition to 56 large and detailed colour images of coins and artwork, the book contains two
colour maps and several very well informed and written essays - addressing several topics related
to Byzantium and the Latin West, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. As well there are
fascinating essays about Byzantium and the Islamic world, as well as Byzantium and Georgia and
Armenia. This remarkable book concludes with essays on Byzantine trade and traveling Byzantine

Anyone interested in Byzantine coinage, art or civilization or Byzantine influence on nighbouring
civilizations would thoroughly enjoy this small book.