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Saint Augustine - (5th century) - Garry Wills (translator)
Penguin Classic Deluxe Edition, 2006.
Mark Merlino - Home page

Garry Wills' translation of Saint Augustine's "Confessions" brings this work to life. Wills has rendered Augustine's
Latin into beautifully flowing contemporary English. It is commendable that he was able to do this while preserving the
personal character of this saint's life story and demonstrating the complexity and depth of Augustine's thought.

While reading this book, I often felt amazed that this work, despite being written so long ago, appears to be so
contemporary. Augustine's life and ideas really transcend time and are insightful reflections on the basic human
condition. If you would like to read a good translation of the "Confessions" written in contemporary English, I highly
recommend this edition to you.
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