Book Reviews The Palgrave Atlas of Byzantine History.
. Palgrave,2005.
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John Haldon's "The Palgrave Atlas of Byzantine History" is the only historical atlas of the Byzantine Empire available in English. As such, this historical atlas is very good at making a clear and concise general picture of Byzantine history. The overall layout of the atlas is like that of a history textbook, divided thematically with sections on the economy, the church, administration, and the military. There are also three sections in the book, 4th-7th centuries, 7th-11th centuries and 11th-15th centuries. Haldon has provided numerous well-written articles on these topics and this book is an excellent compliment to any general history of the Byzantine Empire. The real strength of “The Palgrave Atlas of Byzantine History” is that it is based on solid research.

There are however some problems, the book only contains 187 pages and 84 maps, not 256 pages and 125 maps as originally listed. As well, the maps tend to be small and are only tri-colored, grey/blue/white. There also are no photos or plates. So, if you are looking for an exciting historical atlas with detailed and visually appealing images, this book may be disappointing.

“The Palgrave Atlas of Byzantine History” deserves five stars for content alone. If you can afford this expensive book and if you are fond of Byzantine history, it is a good book.
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