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The Spiritually Beneficial Tales of Paul,
Bishop of Mone

Bishop Paul of Monembasia, John Wortley (translator)
(10th century tales) Cistercian Publications, 1995.
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"The Spiritually Beneficial Tales of Paul, Bishop of Monembasia" is a charming collection of 23 separate English
translations of medieval Greek short tales, all products of the Middle Byzantine Empire. Each tale is only several
pages long but in that short space, each one gives a fascinating story with a strong moral lesson. Many tales relate
how unsavory characters, such a robbers, proud monks, immoral priests or even a pimp are humbled and choose to
change the course of their lives. Many tales are very suspenseful and tell stories of those kidnapped by pirates or
wealthy widows fleeing from undesired suitors.

The translator and editor of this book, Joyhn Wortley, also provides the reader with a detailed introduction to this
genre and author, and exceptional notes for each of the tales. If you are interested in tales, edifying stories, medieval
literature, or simply Byzantine history, you will find this book worthwhile.
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