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Ancient Coin Collecting V: The
Romanaion/Byzantine Culture.
Wayne G. Sayles. Krause Publications. 1998.
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    Wayne Sayles has created a masterpiece with his "Ancient Coin Collecting V - The Romaion /
Byzantine Culture." This book is a great resource, it introduces all of the main themes in Byzantine
coinage and directs the reader where to look to find out more.  This book goes at length to describe the
denomination of Byzantine coins, the meanings of the markings, and has an article for each emperors and
claimants to the throne, from 491-1453. At least every page has at least one black and white photo,
many genealogies, excellent bibliographies and much more.  This is an excellent resource for anyone
interested in Byzantine coins. This book is also offers are remarkably lucid description of the narrative of
Byzantine history. Highly recommended
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