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What does scripture mean?
What does sacred mean?
"Reading the Holy Scripture is like a treasure.  Within a treasure, you see, anyone able to find a tiny nugget gains
for himself great wealth:  likewise in the case of Sacred Scripture, you can get from a small phrase a great wealth of
thought and immense riches.  The Word of God is not only like a treasure, but is also like a spring gushing with
ever flowing waters in a mighty flood... You see, great is the yield of this treasure and the flow of this spiritual

Don't be surprised if we have experienced this:  our forebears drank from these waters to the limit of their capacity,
and those who come after us will try to do likewise, without risk of exhausting them; instead the flood will increase
and the streams will be multiplied. Such, after all, is the nature of spiritual streams the more earnestly anyone tries to
draw the water, the more they abound and the spiritual grace is increased.

Hence Christ said,
'If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.  If anyone believes in me, as Scripture
says, rivers of living water will flow from his body'
(John 7:37-38) indicating to us the abundance of the
waters... For whenever the Spirit sees an ardent desire and a watchful mind, he freely grants it abundant grace.  So
step aside from your daily preoccupations and from the things that threaten to suffocate your thinking like weeds,
and let us give free rein to spiritual desires so that we may gain great advantage from this consideration and receive
much benefit."

St. John Chrysostom 4th. Century
Homilies on Genesis. Homily 3.