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What does incarnation mean?
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The Annunciation by Tanner, 1898
"This is 'the mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.' (1 Timothy 2:5) As man he is our Mediator;
as man he is our way.  For there is hope to attain a journey's end when there is a path which stretches between the
traveller and his goal.  But if there is no path, or if man does not know which way to go, there is little use in knowing
the destination.  As it is, there is one road, and one only, well secured against all possibilities of going astray; and this
road is provided by one who is himself both God and man.  As God, he is the goal; as man, he is the way.  The
Mediator spoke in former times through the prophets and in later times through his own mouth, and after that
through the apostles, telling man all that he decided was enough for man."

St. Augustine The City of God. - Book XI Chapter 2-3.

"We sometimes try to distinguish between the divine and human aspects of Christ.  We say that in the desert his
divine nature restrained his appetite and desire, while his human nature felt hungry and weary.  His divine nature
healed people and performed numerous miracles; his human nature felt power go out of him at every miracle.  His
divine nature redeemed humanity on the cross; his human nature endured the most terrible agony. Yet is such a
distinction between divinity and humanity valid?  Can we actually see two quite distinct elements in the person of

When we look at ourselves we can distinguish between the physical and spiritual aspects of our nature.  We know
that at times life becomes a battlefield as the spiritual and the physical aspects struggle for supremacy.  Yet it would
be wrong to say that the spiritual aspect should defeat and destroy the physical; rather we want harmony between
the two.  Our physical wants and desires should not be suppressed or ignored; rather they should be satisfied within
the framework of morality, which the spirit dictates.  We should understand Christ in a similar way.  It is not a
question of his divine nature conquering and destroying his human nature; rather he revealed how human flesh and
blood can live in perfect harmony with God."

St. John Chrysostom 4th. Century
On Living Simply. page 66.