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What does Vancouver mean?

Me falling from the 5m
diving board at the outdoor
swimming pool at
Aquatic Centre.
Playing with dogs
Waverely Park.
Here is my Parish Church in Vancouver,
Corpus Christi.
Trees covered in blossoms on a beautiful
spring day in the city.
The UBC Aquatic Centre
From Outer Space
The impressive
Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver, my hometown, is the largest city in the Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.).  The city of Vancouver is a major port city on the Pacific
ocean and the southern part of the city actually touches the international border with the United States of America.  The city is formed on a plain, which is
partly formed by the delta of the enormous Fraser river.  The nearest large city is the American metropolis of Seattle Washington.  The above photos give a
sense of some aspects of life in Vancouvre, from how many of the streets have many trees growing on them, the impressive Vancouver Aquarium and one of
the universities in the city, U.B.C..
Check out the links to Vancouver's weather and the local nature and wildlife to learn more about the city.
Coastal BC