Italy is without question, one
of the most fascinating
countries to visit. Italy is
synonymous with art, history
and culture.
In the North, Italy is bordered by the Alps,
which seperates the Italian penninsula from
the countries of
France, Switzerland,
Austria and Slovenia.
- In this photo I am with some family in the
Alps near the Austrian and Slovenian
This photo was taken of the ruins of a
Roman villa at
Lago di Garda, near the
town of
Sirmione in the Northern Italian
region of
Lombardy. Places abounding in
natural and historical beauty are
innumerable in Italy.
This mosaic is a sample of
Italian art. But for the art of
the Renaissance visit
The city of Rome, know as the Eternal City, is the capital city of
two states, the Italian Republic and the Holy See, the
The city has countless treasures within it. If you love art, religion,
architecture, history, and culture, you must visit this city.

Here are two of the most famous buildings in Rome, Saint
Peter's Basilica, which is the Vatican, and the Pantheon, the
greates surviving temple from the days of Imperial Rome.
This photo is of the River Arno in
Florence. One of the most visited and
beautiful towns in the world. It is a true
city of art, history and culture.