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Buccaneer Bay
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Here are photos of North
Thormanby Island
, otherwise  known
Vaucroft. There is a  nice sandy
beach at the government warf.
The stretch of water in-between Thormanby and
the British Columbian mainland is known as the
Welcome Pass. Here is a beautiful sunset in the
Welcome Pass with the
Island of Texada in the
Here I am
working with my
front end loader
on the '
Top' of
My family has a place on
Top of Vaucroft, and as you
can see there  is an excellent
view of the sea from the top.
The view is of the actual
Buccaneer Bay.

I have also constructed a little
tower, which serves as our
families sign post.  The sign
shows the Merlino eagle.
Here is a beautiful picture of
the Bay from the water. Above is a
picture of
North Thormanby and
swimming at
South Thormanby,
known as
Buccaneer Bay.
Thormanby Island is a small clusler of several islands on the Sunshine Coast in southern British Columbia, in Canada.  The islands were first
discovered by European explorers in the 1790s when Spanish navigators charted these islands, naming them San Ignacio.  A few years
later, also in the 1790s, British explorers charted the same waters and discovered the Islands. The names given to them, such as Thormaby,
Epsom, and Buccaneer were all taken from the names of a popular horse race, called the Epsom Derby. The forests of Thormanby Island
were logged extensively and the remains of this logging activity can still be seen. There was never any contiunal human habitation on the
islands until the early 20th century when some people from Vancouver began to visit the area for summer recreation. Now there are two
main villages of summer cottages on the islands, Vaucroft on North Thormanby and Buccaneer Bay on South Thormaby but there are also
sumerous cottages in the woods. On the south Thormaby there are the remains on an abandoned farm, which is now a park. There is also a
marine park on the island.

of Geogria
Coastal BC