Saint Peter of Galatia
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The following is the life of "Peter of Galatia." The Greek original text can be found in Syntax CP 121-24, 125 f. As
well, an on-line version of this text is made available in the
Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database. This 'Life'
briefly recalls the life and career of Peter of Galatia, who lived c.814- c.886. This short 'life' gives some detail about
what life would have been like for a Galatian peasant and monk during the ninth century. The text was probably
written some time between 886 and the year 1000 and is recorded in the 10th century
Synaxarion of
and additional information is found in the 12th c. manuscript of the Synaxarion. The translation was
completed by Mark Merlino, September 14, 2005.

The Feast Day for Saint Peter of Galatia is October 9.   
Peter the Wonderworker. This saint came from the province of Galatia, from a village called Gena by the
metropolis Gangra. He was the son of Theophilos and Eudokia and was given the name Leo in holy
Baptism. When he had grown up, he was very handsome and had a good stature. He prepared for village
work but in the time of the hated Emperor Theophilos, he was chosen and assigned to the
tagma of

Having been distinguished in the army in a short period of time and seeing the uncertainty and
helplessness of life, he took residence at Daphneonos, cut his hair and called himself Peter. Having been
at Olympos, he surrendered himself to the many there so that they may receive him. He fasted on the
seventh, second and third. From that spot, he set out to holy places. From there to Cyprus, then to
Laodikeia and to Attaleia.

And with all the hard work in the journeys, he nobly rescued the uneducated soul of the Ismaelites and he
returned back to Olympos. And when the height of his civic virtue was made known to the Emperor, the
royal and most pious one asked him most earnestly to ascend to the place that is called the house of Saint
Phokas in Stenos. For the land had been offered to him as a gift and nearly 150 brothers were gathered
together in this place. And he drove on to a great old age; in peace his spirit came before God, bringing
forth light, marked with the sign of greatness.