Saints Perpetua and Felicity - Feast March 7th
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Saint Perpetua and Felicity are among the most well known and revered
martyrs of the early church.

In the year 203, at the age of 22, being a young mother and wife, Vibia
Perpetua decided to declare that she was a Christian, even though she
knew it would mean her death. Learning that she had become a Christian,
Perpetua's father attacked her. Perpetua was then arrested along with
four other Catechumens, including a young slave named Felicity, who was
eight months pregnant. The two along with many others, endured the
anguish of internment in a crowded prison.

Firm in their faith, both women were sentenced to death. In torment for
the sake of her unborn child, Felicity went into labour two days before
her execution, sparing her child's life. Taunted by jailers, the women were
brought to an arena for their execution. Saint Perpetua declared to her
executioners that she was about to die of her own free will so that she
would be free to worship God.

Facing wild beasts, bruised and stripped of their clothing, the martyrs
stood side by side as they, along with several other martyrs, had their
throats cut.