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On the Nature of Divinity
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What does one mean?
What does simple mean?
Saint Gregory Palamas
"The divine is one and simple in its essence and that 'one' is, in an appropriate way, a whole in
relation to all the things which we properly think about it, and not divided in relation to each
individual part of them.  For it is, as a whole, goodness, and, as a whole, wisdom, and, as a whole,
justice and, as a whole, power in our thoughts.  Not because it becomes such, not even when it is
thought, but because it is such from eternity and because it manifests itself through His works to us
who are born later.  For we have come to understand that He has been moved to produce the
universe by His goodness, and also that He accomplished it completely since He has the power,
and that He composed it in wisdom and holds it together and rules it with foresight.  But what that
'one' is according to His essence and what genuine name can get, in accordance with that essence,
that which produces and arranges the universe in an unspeakable wisdom and power and goodness
- no one had understood that yet to this very day."  

St Gergory Palamas - c. 1340
Dialogue Between an Orthodox and A Barlaamite
Chapter 50