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Drosilla And Charikles
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- Charikles and tells his fellow prisoner Kleandros the story of how the Parthians captured him -

"They left their ship, full of cargo and bereft of its commander, and fled to ravines in the midst of the mountains.  
Together with these men seeking salvation by flight I too disembarked, wounded from battle, and followed along
with the maiden Drosilla.  I was hurrying, holding and dragging the girl, leading her by the hand into steep places,
until, finding a thick tangled shade of branches, we sat there together, hidden.  The next morning, when the day
shone forth, we looked over the top of the mountain and saw below a fire reaching high up, and we surmised tha
those pirates, pleased withtheir booty, were burning up our ship, emptied of all cargo and dragged to shore.  Then
we, being at a loss, were directing our eyes here and there, when suddenly we saw a summit, fortified with towers -
although faintly, dimly, for it was far from us.  We ran towards the city from sunrsie until evening and reached it at
last and with difficulty.  We slipped into the city together, after escaping pirate cruelty in the sea.  But that city was
destined to give Charikles too, like you, Kleandros, into Parthian hands, and throw me, who'd escaped the sea's
dangers, into a new set of unavoidable troubles, together with my dearest Drosilla (oh gods!), for when the
inhabitants were out from the city to celebrate the splendid festival of Zeus's birthday, we went out too, in turn; and
the cruel tribe of Parthians came forth, I don't know fom where, and seized us, carried us off to their fatherland, and
put us into this prison."

Drosilla and Charikles Book 4.34-67
Niketas Eugenianos 12th century