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In Christ The Eternal Emperor of the Romans
To His Son Romanus
The Emperor Crowned of God and Born in Purple"

"A wise son makes a father glad, and an affectionate father takes delight in a prudent son.  For the Lord gives wit to speak in
season and also adds an ear to hear; with Him is the treasure of wisdom, and from Him comes every perfect gift;  He sets
kings upon the throne and gives unto them the lordship over all.  Now therefore, hear me my son, and being adept in this my
teaching, you shall be wise among the prudent, and be accounted prudent among the wise; the peoples shall bless you, and
the multitutde of nations shall call you blessed.  Be instructed in what is neccessary for you before all else to know and lay hold
skilfully upon the helm of governance.  Study the things that are now, and be instructed concerning the things that are to be, so
that you may amass experience and sound judgement, and you shall be most compitent in your affairs."

Constantine Porphyrogenitus c.950AD
De Adminisratndo Imperio. Proem.