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Byzantine Churches
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Frescoes, or wall paintings were a central
part of church decoration in Byzantine times.
This above photo shows the
complex in Pontus, near the
Black Sea port of Trabzon. Behind me are
the remains of
post-Byzantine frescoes.
Mosaic of Christ Pantokrator in
Haghia Sophia, Istanbul.
This is me standing in front of one of Haghia Sophia.
I am in the garden outside of the domed church and
next to a column inside of the church. It was built in
the sixth century as the cathedral of
It is now a museum  in the modern city of Istanbul.
Another very common form of
church decoration is
mosaic. This is a
mosaic of Saint Peter found in
Saviour in Chora
in Istanbul
A very fine example of late Byzantine
architecture is the beautiful 13th century
church of
Haghia Sophia in Trabzon.
The Church of Haghia Sophia in Iznik, ancient
Nicaea.  This beautiful little town was chosen as the
site of two of the first seven ecumenical councils.  
This church was actually the site of the
Ecumenical council
, held in the 8th century.
The remains of the early Byzantine church of
Qalat Saman, dedicated to Saint Symeon the
Stylite in Northern Syria. This saint lived a top a
column in the fourth century AD and was loved by
the local Syrian Christians.
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