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What does Constantinople mean?
In a few places the old Sea walls that once
guarded the city's coastline can still be seen.  This
section in on Istanbul's Marmara coastline.
This is Tekfur Saray, in the Fener
district in the old City. This is what
remains of the old Byzantine palace
complex at Blachernae.
The massive 5th century
walls of Theodosius II,
that guarded the city for
centuries still guard the
old city.
The base to the Egyptian
obelisk in the Hippodrome
shows a scene of a 4th c.
Emperor sitting in the
Here is some of the remaining peices
of the great Imperial Palace of
Byzantium.  A floor mosiac, probably
from a covered walkway in the palace,
now found in the mosaic museum, near
Haghia Sophia.
A historical map showing the main
features of Byzantine Constantinople.